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Recent Work by Stephen Eichler

Phone: 305 935-0333
E-mail: steve.eichler3@gmail.com

Colorist Improvisations

This eclectic sample of recent paintings represents my interest in imagining composition, discovery and use of color, humor, irony, and playing with space that lies between two and three dimensions. Playing with dimension and having fun with themes such as the “Party Talk” series create a set of unique expressionist works. My art works are in homes and workplaces throughout the country.

My first introduction to “art” was through music and four years at Juilliard studying classical and jazz piano. My first work as a professional jazz pianist began at age 14 in NYC, two years prior to graduating from Juilliard’s preparatory division. My first painting was done in Florida at age 62 following a career as a developer of healthcare services and corporations.

During the past six years, I painted at Somerset in Chevy Chase and learning from painting with colleagues and Walt Bartman associated with The Yellow Barn as well as painting with other artists in San Miguel de Allende and and now more recently in Florida.

My wife, Anita, and I live on Williams Island in Aventura, Florida. We have a married son and daughter and five young grandchildren.

I am interested in imagining composition. Subject matter in my work is very varied. I enjoy discovering color and different techniques for applying paint and pastels. Playing with dimension and space also leads to discovery and a unique style. Most importantly, my roots as a jazz pianist always lead me to creating art through improvisation.

Thank you for viewing my gallery. Please phone 305 935-0333 or email steve.eichler3@gmail.com for further information.

Forbidden Garden Adam and Eve Beach play
Flight The Jazz Singer Treescape
Persimmons Night at Elbow Cay Sea at Full Moon Night
Tuscany Sunset Contemplation-girl at the Cay Hills of Jerusalem
Party Talk-5 At the Lake Party talk-2
Party Talk-3 Night Out in San Miguel Autumn Woods
Party Talk 4 Shore at Full Moon Dreamscape

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