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Recent Work by Joanie Grosfeld

E-Mail: joaniemarion@yahoo.com

I moved to Maryland when I was 2 years old, so I guess I could be considered a native of Maryland. I grew up in a very creative home and my mother let me color on my walls. She was a pianist and later an artist too. Whenever possible in school, I took art classes, and later went on to receive a bachelor of arts in Studio Art at the University of Maryland, College Park. I also taught art classes to children in Montgomery County.

Looking back to my early years in school, I remember learning things but often other things than were expected. My only excuse was I must have been a prospective artist discovering the things I would need for my future art career. I saw colors and gestures and felt the sounds and emotions of life. One teacher wrote on my report card, “Joan does not pay attention in class.” I was paying attention but just to other things and at least some of those things pertained to the world of art. I love color and the drama in a scene that is illuminated by lights and darks. I love the music in art that you feel with its loud and gentle notes. I love the way objects in a painting almost look as if they are dancing. In painting, I hope to communicate my love of life and the intimate way I feel about being in the world and getting to see what the day shows or the night. I am happy if others see a scene and feel a connection.

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A Perfect Day Approaching Storm Catalina Mountains
Dusk Emerging Sun Field of Planes
Funny Birds Great Falls Happy Cows
Illumination Kaleidescope Lady with a Parasol
Lewes Seashore Town Looking Beyond Monterey
Morning Light Night Boats Orange Light
Red Trees Reflections Resting Skipjacks
River Poetry Somewhere in Time Stories of the Night
The Artist The Gardens The Red Boat

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