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Recent Work by Jennifer Howard

E-Mail: jhoward@dearlysincerely.com

My roots and formal training are in graphic design. I was an owner and creative director of a successful Washington, DC-based ad agency for many years. While I still enjoy working as a graphic designer, I have truly enjoyed returning to my love of paint and painting.

My paintings are about the moment, the immediacy of paint applied honestly, thickly and emotionally on canvas. I strive to convey a textural quality to the surface with layers of color and an emphasis on capturing light. I have always loved to spend time outside and plein air painting has been a perfect match to painting in the moment and spending time outdoors.

Thank you for taking the moment to experience my work.

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Long Shadows Soaring Heights Great Falls Lock House
Fletchers After The Storm Airstrip
Reflections on Canal Fresh Cutting Foliage on Fire
Still Life w Stripes Changing Tides Last Days
Still Life River Ridge 2 River Edge
Blazing Light Conversations Foliage Heights
Morning Light Canal Bridge Reflections
River Ridge Women in Robe Red Barn

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