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Recent Work by Cyndy Manke

Contact: cgmanke@gmail.com

My Art
My aim as an artist is to create beauty. Beauty helps create a cross cultural calm. Beauty universally soothes the soul.

My Past
After careers in fashion merchandising and interior design in the United States life took me to South East Asia where I lived and traveled importing fashion accessories, home furnishings and fine art. I owned and operated an art gallery in Singapore which specialized in paintings from Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

My Present
I create works in paint, collage, and assemblage. My media is mixed. Different inspirations require different materials to bring them into the world. I prefer to work with found materials.

I live between Maryland, Connecticut and Maine with my husband David.

My works are included in collections in New England, California, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Washington D.C., Singapore and Thailand.

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Radar Means and Ends Moroccan Mail
Over the Top No Horizon In Golden Longhand
Azure Scattered Jalan Raya Ubud Low Tide at Hwa Hin
Half Full Alto Ravings
Dozen 2 Lift Up Finding Only Good
Moonrise at  Phuket I Want to Believe Bamboo Pool
Making the Mark I Making the Mark II Making the Mark III

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