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Recent Work by Edith Sievers

Contact: sieversart@gmail.com
Website: www.edithsievers.com

Edith Sievers is an educator who channels her passion and creativity into her art.

Edith paints primarily with acrylic and oil paints, occasionally using mixed media and sculpting in clay. While she enjoys figure painting, she is drawn to the beauty of nature; capturing in a distinct palette and bold strokes the essence of color, light and shapes. Edith grew up in Israel, and lived in Asia, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. Her work is influenced by the visual distinctions and the optical experiences of these varied terrains.

She received an Honorable Mention Award for her painting Arafel.

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A Climb to Masada Abstraction # IV Arafel
Snow Melt at Great Falls VA Calm Waters Herbal Tea
Hero Into_the_Woods J.J. Going Gray
Patch Work (LR) Morning Glow Reflection
Big_Blue_Sky Summer Graze The Mountains Dance_ Heh_harim Rokdim_ Hebrew
Abstract -  Waterfall_Oil _18X18  $500 Abstract # XVl   Acrylic  20X16 2010  $700 Awakening_Acrylic mixed media_18X18_2008
Boats_Acrylic_24X18_2007 Fresh Brine - Oil  30X24  $1,000 Gentle Breeze - Oil  18X24  $700
In Awe - Acrylic   24X36   $950 My Land - Oil  24X12   $450 Over the Mountains - Oil - 30X40   $800
Upon Arrival - Acrylic  40X40   $1,800 Soaring Hights - Oil  24X36   $1,000 Somewhere -  Oil 36X48  $1,800
Point of View - Acrylic  40X30  $900 Where East Meets West  AcrylicMixed Media 12X12  $250 Whimsical Venice _ Oil _24X30
Rustic Umbria_Acrylic_48X24_2010 Jerusalem _of_Gold_ Acrylic Mixed Media_12X24 _2009_$450 Glens Farm_Oil_24X18_Sold

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