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Displaying Artwork on the Web

You must join the Friends of the Yellow Barn (tax deductible) to display work on the Yellow Barn Web site.

The Yellow Barn does not take a commission for work sold over the Internet. The sale of artwork is the responsibility of the artist. Artwork (jpeg file), a 100 word Bio., and price list in Microsoft Word or Works, must be provided in a digital format, preferably on a CD. Files can be sent over the Internet.

$90 per year for 15 images__________
$30 Yearly Renewal, with up to 5 new images replacing 5 older ones.__________
$6 for each additional slide__________
$40 to digitize 15 slides or prints to a CD__________
$35 (tax deductible) Membership in the Friends of the Yellow Barn __________
Please make all checks payable to the Sam the Site Maker, 10721 Gloxinia Drive, Rockville, MD 20852